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03:08 Minutes   Video
The market is shifting from traditional outsourcing to consumption based hybrid cloud services. Organizations of all sizes are moving to cloud computing but the journey is not always smooth. In this module, learn how IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Management Solution reduces complexity and makes this transition more agile, flexible, and intelligent.

30:00 Minutes   Video
The market is shifting from traditional outsourcing to consumption based hybrid cloud services. Organizations of all sizes are moving to cloud computing but the journey is not always smooth. In this module, learn how IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Management Solution reduces complexity and makes this transition more agile, flexible, and intelligent.

18:00 Minutes   Video
It is critical that we accelerate market share gain in the hybrid cloud migration segment. This module will help you understand our migration factory capabilities and how they can help migrate any type of workload from anywhere to anywhere.  You will also learn about our outstanding expertise in migrating VMware workloads to IBM Cloud and how to engage clients.

28:00 Minutes   Video
Clients are moving to the cloud. Securing the cloud is vital, but it's a challenge to implement and manage across multiple cloud service providers. In this module, learn how IBM Security for Hybrid Cloud helps our clients overcome the challenge to efficiently secure their clouds and protect the enterprise.

22:00 Minutes   Video
The network is essential for hybrid cloud.  Programmable network services and automation are transforming networks to make them more agile, secure & cost effective. Learn how IBM Network Services can help our clients address rapidly changing business conditions including hybrid cloud environments.

30:00 Minutes   Video
We know cyber-attacks are rapidly growing in number, sophistication and destructive capabilities. In 2017 IBM was fighting on the front lines with our clients to recover from attacks that permanently destroyed their systems and business operations within a few short hours. It takes power and precision to stop the new wave of sophisticated attacks and unknown threats.  Learn how IBM Resiliency, Security and Network Services stand "Stronger Together" to help our clients!

35:00 Minutes   Video
Creating and supporting a digital workplace is a challenge and an opportunity for every organization. In this module, you will learn about IBM solutions to deliver a Modern Digital Workplace in the Cloud era driven by working agile, social collaboration, access to applications & data, and bringing value through analytics, cognitive & automation.

30:00 Minutes   Video
IBM’s “4-walls” initiative helps clients simplify IT support management by streamlining multiple support contracts to deliver OEM-quality integrated IT support through a single point of contact: IBM. Learn how we help clients see significant savings, extend the life of their equipment and reduce the time spent managing vendor relationships for their multivendor data center and across their IT environment.

24:00 Minutes  Animated Videos 
Complete this short training to better understand how our clients can 'Drive Digital Transformation through GTS Cloud and Cognitive Solutions'. This training takes around 24 mins and is specifically designed to help you start client conversations.
N/a   Module
At the beginning of the 2018, three distinct teams, the Cloud Managed Services (CMS), Managed Hosting & Application Services (formerly AT&T) and Cloud Transformation Services (formerly Verizon), came together to form a single, more agile and efficient organization within IBM Services, Global Technology Services, known as IBM Cloud Managed Application Services (CMAS). In this session you will learn what’s new and what do we tell our clients, what do our clients want and how do we respond, and how do we recognize and qualify an opportunity.

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   Welcome to the 3Q 2017 CVP Guidance Update Series!
Here you will find six quarterly guidance modules accompanied by the PPT presentations as reference for 3Q 2017. The six modules, one each for Mobility, Network, Resiliency, Enabling Agile Enterprise IT, Security and Cloud service lines / business units, provide you with an insight into the latest market trends, client imperatives, an overview of sales tactics, associated offerings, value propositions and the latest enablement assets to help you identify and progress new opportunities in the quarter.
Happy Selling!
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Welcome to the IBM Services Platform with Watson Series!

The IBM Services Platform with Watson platform allows us to deliver our services with enhanced capabilities. IBM clients can expect cognitive capabilities to be applied to enhance advanced automation and analytics. Here you will find 3 CVP Talks which will give you a introduction to our IBM Services Platform with Watson, provide a better understanding on how to position the platform to your clients, and lastly take a deeper dive into our services offerings in relation to this new platform. Happy Selling!

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The IBM@ Healthcare Technology Support Solutions offering provides a single point of contact to manage your support service requirements, and help you generate efficiencies and improve availability of your IT environment. The healthcare solution can deliver more consistent levels of service and availability than you receive from multiple technical support vendors and help you move toward the future of healthcare.
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IBM@ Retail Technology Support Solutions are designed to maintain virtually all the devices, software and networks in your store, reduce your operational costs and help you grow your retail business. This new wall-to-wall option offers innovative, customer - centric maintenance and support with a single point of contact for technology from multiple manufacturers.
8:00 Minutes  Videos
This brief IGF Education Module provides a clear background and perspective on the value-add of financing to both GTS sellers and clients.  It aligns IGF’s sales tactics with the Client Value Plays (CVPs) and includes some GTS wins that demonstrate how IGF helped. The Call to Action outlines GTS seller's next steps to engage IGF and subsequently the client, on financing options...and provides supporting hot links to local IGF contacts and collateral.  IGF can strengthen GTS' value proposition and increase your probability to win, as clients like to have financing options.

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SPE is a license-based tool providing sales engagement teams with access to current client facing proposal and presentation content and the ability to quickly create client deliverables.  Watch these video tutorials to learn how to leverage SPE's capabilities as well as major features and functions. 
6:00 Minutes  Videos
This section contains videos on the latest tools and application that sellers can use to improve their efficiency and client experience.
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The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on May 25 2018. It will have significant regulatory changes affecting organizations that handle personal data around the world. These regulations apply anywhere personal data of European citizens is processed. Data protection is a priority for IBM, particularly within GTS where we work with many forms of client and consumer data.
32:00 Minutes   Video
Learn about GTS-IS strategy for the Cloud era and build knowledge to confidently articulate the strategy and the value proposition of IBM Infrastructure Services to our external clients and internal teams.

60:00 Minutes   Stand-and-Deliver
A companion practicum of Strategy Foundations, the Stand -and-Deliver ensures each seller is able to present a compelling value proposition based on GTS-IS strategy and solutions that meet the needs of new and existing buyers in the Cloud era. Please be sure you have completed the Strategy Foundations module prior to initiating this Stand and Deliver module.

NOTE: The Stand-and-Deliver component of the IS Ambassador Program is required for Sellers.   Access to this material is restricted; if you are a seller and unable to access this module, please send a note to gtssen@us.ibm.com.