This System offers GTS Client Value Plays 2017 Learning Activities & Learning is monitored for Educational Purposes


This system offers education courses that enable IBM Employees on the GTS Client Value Plays for 2017 to uplift their skills. Accessing the website and taking the courses will be reflected in GTS CVP-U completion reports, as well as YOURLearning, which will grant you Think 40 Credits equal to the time you spend in learning.


Educational Monitoring

Courses on this site have been designed to enrich your knowledge in the IT as a Service (ITaaS) framework, and enhance your skills and performance. This system provides the GTS business unit with the tools needed to monitor employee education. Next to each course title, there is a tag indicating if the course is required or optional depending on the organizational group you selected in your profile. Tracking is done for each course, named learner and includes, but is not limited to, start/end date, progress such as not started, in progress or complete and pass/fail quiz scores.

The data for individual named learners will be available to your IOT management through an access controlled Box@IBM folder managed in compliance with local restrictions.  It will be used to ensure mandatory courses are taken within the given time frame and this information is used to follow-up with users who have not completed mandatory training.   Aggregate data pertaining to the organization’s completion record may be shared with up-line managers and will not include individual learner names. Data is retained for up to three years.  

If you have concerns about how the data is being used contact your manager.